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Become a Smart Phone Repair Tech
Device Repair Training for Beginners

With the increase in electronic device usage nowadays Cell Phone Repair has become a very popular profession with a lot of job opportunities in the market. Not only this but it has also become a highly profitable business industry with a very low investment

Start to Learn repairing with us and ensure your success!

CBX Screens offers highly professional in-person repair training courses. Our proven method of Cell Phone Repair Training topped with our unbeatable business course is a road map for success.

Why Take This Course..?
  • All beginners can take this course with little or no prior knowledge

  • If you are a student and want to learn skills and make good money part-time

  •  If you want to become professional Cell Phone Repair Technicians

  • If you want to become an Independent or Mobile Repair Technician

  • If you planning to open up a Repair Store Business

  • Buy Repair And Re-Sell Devices

1) On Avg a Repair Technician Earns $14 up to $18 per Hour.

2) You can also earn an avg $10,000 Plus a month by starting a small repair operation from your home with invest as low as $1000.

3) Became E-Bay or Market Place Phone Flipping Expert

4) We will provide successful candidates with job placement opportunities within our network

Phone Training

COURSE:   Mastering Cell Phone Repair

  3-Days Duration

Price:- $1200​

  • Limited Seats Only

  • Flexible Hours 

  • Evening and Weekend Classes are also available

  • Tool kit to take home

  • Free training materials

  • 80% of the course is hands-on training

  • Job placement opportunity with top-rated stores

  • under the supervision of highly qualified teachers

  • Includes amazing support after class

  • Snacks and Drinks will be Provided

Course Details:-

Instructors per class: 1 -2 Instructors

80% Lab work and hands-on, in-person, intensive repair training

 Students will be given live scenarios for diagnostic and repair(this  will be a very important segment of training and need supervision and all students have to perform their assigned task in the presence of the instructor)

Course Description This course teaches an employable skill but also exposes students to the great benefits of entrepreneurship. Students learn all the necessities to be successful in the Cell Phone Repair Industry. Each Student will touch each device as the course is 80% hands-on.  All equipment, phones, and supplies are provided for training by us. Bring just yourself,   NOTE: No big bags are allowed in the classroom.


• Tool identification

• Safety Procedures

• Assembly of smartphones

• Learn every inner component of each device, hands-on

• Learn how to price repairs and devices for resale

• Learn how to replace broken Glass

• Learn how to replace a broken Digitizer

• Learn how to replace broken LCD

• Learn how to repair Charge Ports

• Learn how to repair Data Ports/Lightning Ports

• Learn how to replace Home Button Flex Cable

• Learn how to replace the Wifi Flex Cable

• Learn how to replace the Power Flex Cable

• Learn how to fix the Back Glass on Phones

• Learn how to fix the Back Camera Glass Lens

• Learn how to unlock phones and use different software tools

• Learn how to properly apply & remove adhesive and which to use

• Proper Cleaning Techniques for Electronics

• How to diagnose and repair Water Damage and how to price it

• Customer Service Skills

• Warranty Maintenance

• Advertising to receive direct repairs for your own business

• Students will Learn how to use E-bay & Market Place Social Media platforms for buying and selling

Students will learn the best techniques to go from unemployed to employed, we review job interviewing skills and do practice conversations in class

• How to properly advertise on Social Media

• Students learn the best way to go into business for themselves with little to no Capital to start

• Wholesale information from local and online providers.

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